Tell me... where did we go so wrong?

When the internet started out, it had so much possibility.

But we've let corporations, governments, and other dead people slowly ruin it for us.

We had a true enlightening platform to slowly bring the dead to life, with vibrant colors and the closest thing to "real" oppinions.

But some of the "alive" ones who secretly ruled over the dead realized this, and to this day work to blanket the dead from the truth that would bring them to life.

And so, it is the year 2016, and everything is crumbling around us because the dead refuse to wake up. Despite all the information around them they are still chained to their televisions.

They still beleive that their version of God exists, and don't even bother to think otherwise.

They still beleive that false leaders like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, running for president in corrupt mainstream political parties will somehow make everything better.

They cling onto politics in an almost tribalistic sense and argue with people on the opposing team ad infinitum, accomplishing nothing, unaware that the "alive ones" up the latter are indirectly controlling them in ways from the shadows.

Despite the internet giving them a place to explore and expand themselves, most still try to fit in with the larger forum to a degree, and judge people they don't understand unfairly.

And somewhere along the way, the internet turned from a fun exciting place filled with decentralized colorful websites into in increasingly stagnant post modern sea of white that inspires almost no sense of creativity.

Please, join me, together we will wake up the world with style, truth, individuality, and REAL happiness.

Please, join me, and leave your false gods, leaders, and premonitions behind.

Please, join me, and together we will all become slowly alive.

Please, join me...before it's too late.